Well Why Not (2014)

At the Top (2014) 
I admire the things you can do 
I love your ability to help 
I want your support 
I ask you for much 
I envy your strength 
the inspiration you have  
I fear your power 
and your superiority 
to whichever side we happen to belong 
no sense or rhyme 
we should always remember  
it's a symbiotic relation 
which can change anytime 
The weaker needs the stronger 
and detests him for that 
The stronger needs the weaker 
since without him he's not   
Forgiveness (2013) 
When the road seems long and the sun is gone, the pain too great to bear 
We lose our way, time passes on, our thoughts lead us astray 
I spend my nights with quiet thoughts hours draw on and on 
Remembering and wondering what on earth went wrong 
Trying to understand this great love, 
this great love 
that goes through many chapters, before it comes back to zero 
Forgiveness begins right here - right here - with you and me 
Loving you has made me strong, has made me question all I do 
Thoughts of you keep me moving, on the path to evermore 
Once in a long while it seems to linger in the still blue afternoon 
Taking in - way deep down - inspiration, the wonder of it all 
And as I spend my nights with those quiet thoughts
the hours just draw on 
Always remembering and wondering what on earth went wrong 
Encounters of Chance (2013) 
At certain times in our lives people float on by 
Like little stars in the sky meetings of the mind 
Let us have our say make us realize 
Where we’ve gone astray 
Like a chain-linked fence, one serendipitous moment leads to another 
From beam to post we move along the current of life 
The stars slowly fade into the heavens, leaving us 
With yet another lesson learned 
Serendipitous moments, encounters of chance so it seems 
Perhaps there’s a reason, a great master plan 
That gives us what we need 
Serendipitous moments, creating the spaces we seek 
Perhaps it’s to say, show us our way 
Allow us to believe 
In the Balance (2013) 
Old friends gathered around me at the end of the day 
Untouched by those battles fought so far away 
Feelings of futility, hurt, loss of hope, I turn away from the screen 
Just to help me cope with a sense of helplessness within me 
Hanging in the balance, sitting on that train 
Constantly evolving, nothing stays the same 
Constantly changing, remembering those days 
When life was so familiar, so set in its ways 
We should focus on important things, merge the good of the old
with the good of the new 
Wield only weapons of love and respect and let the rest of it go 
Amar es Vivir (2013)
por todo corre un rio 
profundo y lleno de amor 
Todo lo que escucho cuando estas conmigo 
respira mi nombre 
escucha mi voz 
todo se cambia cuando pienso en ti 
en la selva de mi alma 
a través de mi razón 
siento tu rayo de luz 
el calor de tus manos 
la gracia de tu ser 
me da motivo de vivir 
todo lo que veo es tu 
reconozco tu palabra 
querer es mas que puedo sostener 
vuelvo al encanto 
me deshago del orgullo 
en la lucha de mi corazón 
Choices (2013)
Sometimes when time is standing still we wonder what went wrong 
the days go by so slowly, nothing new comes along 
Energies around us don't seem to catch a breeze 
the air is peaceful, the wind is still, a ray of sun to tease 
Two roads to choose from, which one will it be 
both quite tempting, hard to see, this life's a mystery 
One secure and gently moving, the other burning strong 
will it last, will it fade, which is right or wrong 
And in the quiet of the morn the earth will move and shake 
peace and quiet are no more and many hearts may break 
connections, feelings, circumstance tie us in a knot 
we roam ahead, leave to chance, temptation has us caught 
And in the quiet of the morn the earth will move and shake 
peace and quiet are no more and many hearts may break 
When I Stray (2013) 
riding down that country road, the free wind in my hair 
searching for another bend to turn 
the old map ain't doing the trick so I stop to ask for the way 
a nice ol' man can't tell me where to go 
for several days I've been thinking now about the things you said 
why don't you stop by for a while 
lost in time and memories, I keep moving on 
thoughts of you will help me carry on 
try as I may I walk the different path 
but no matter where I stray, I always find my way 
always find my way back to you 
many years from now I'll think back on that day 
many bends further up the road 
memories will linger, my soul will feel the warmth 
of that soul-stirring, lovely summer day 
Figure it Out (2013) 
As she stopped by his place, banged on the door 
she caught a glimpse of his face 
hurting again, she thought, the whiskey his friend 
nothing I can't replace 
As he opened the door and she waltzed in 
knocked him right on the floor 
She sighed and pulled him over to the bed 
and thought, here we go again... 
She said -  Go figure it out 
If you think for yourself 
wake up a while put your troubles on the shelf 
You might realize you need to open your eyes 
to see what's in front of you... 
Look around, get a clue and who knows - 
you may figure it out 
She took off his boots, loosened his shirt 
took his hair by the roots 
he loudly complained as she tried to ignore 
the sweet scent of his breath 
Dear, you smell like a rose, now, you sleep it off 
try to forget your woes 
he took a good look at her blew a kiss at her ear 
and proceeded to pass out cold... 
Let Me Know (2013) 
So hard to be sure, so hard to decide 
Starting each day with too much to say and too much to hide 
Trying to see, trying to be somebody else 
Something just tells me you want to be free 
Loneliness comes, holds on to me, that’s how it’s been - 
When I close my eyes - 
Let me know when you know when 
Looking each way, crossing that road 
Dangers await, is it our fate, futures untold 
Souls intertwined, should we feel blue 
Storm clouds may stay, get in our way, we’ll make it through 
Talented Maneuvers (2013) 
I didn't tell you but I should have 
Well why not 
When I told I realized I was afraid 
Unwilling to lose what I thought I had 
Willing to believe that it was all as cozy as can be 

Making excuses coated with reason 
So easy to believe 
In the end it’s still betrayal 
Lies up your sleeve 

You my dear are different nothing can compare 
Empty words and promises are everything we shared 
It’s not what you mean when you say 
the words you meant to mean 
It’s what you say and don't do 

Back and forth unable to decide 
you're unsure, afraid of the divide 
and losing - your precious freedom 
Back on the Trail Again (2013) 
Shaking off the spider webs, swatting at the flies 
Somewhere halfway down the lane 
Crossing streams and country roads, the neighbors wave hello 
the Country Mart awaits our thirsty souls 
Old Gabe takes us around past the pond and geese 
through the briars and the thorns 
Gary wishes he had had a little more restraint  
chuggin' on that last can of beer.. 
We're back on the trail again, nature sounds around 
Friendly talk, companionship, beauty knows no bounds 
Through the woods, across the plains, winding 'round the trees 
A flash of lightning, a thunderbolt, that's where I want to be 
Back on the trail again 
Bluegrass music, country jams never cease to amaze 
on those long, lazy summer nights 
Fields of green, bales of hay pretty horses graze 
tall grass swinging in the breeze 

Night on the Water (2004) 
Painted sins and shadows of old 
Travels far and near 
Wanton courage and time to spare 
t'was the night on the water 
Rarest beauty and love abounds 
Spirits and bodies joined 
Passion reigned and bore the fruit 
Of that night on the water 
Years did pass and stories told 
Of the maiden fairest 
Left behind a cross of gold 
From that night on the water 
Last she told a tale forlorn 
Tears were on the horizon 
Nevermore did he return 
From that night on the water 


Suspended in Motion (2016)

Unique Creation (2015) 
When we see people as race, religion, rank 
we stop seeing people as people 
wherever they're from, however they look 
People have feelings like you 
Inside each of us is a kid wanting love 
affection and appreciation 
Big, small or wide, quiet or loud, 
Each one of us a unique creation 

I would have needed to have known 
that this would hurt you so 
I would have needed to have known 
that the seeds that were sown  
have blown away 
Holding on to tradition even if it hurts 
is so much easier to do 
 ‘cause the devil you know is much better than  
the freedom you don't want to  
We would have needed to have known 
that this would hurt us so 
we would have needed to have known 
that the seeds that we sow  
blow away.. if none of us say.. 
you’re a unique creation 
Holding Pattern (2014) 
One step sideways, two steps back 
Can’t seem to get ahead 
The blocks, the walls, are in our path 
We stumble, stall instead 
We push and pull, strain and shove 
Nothing seems to move 
But in the background, the pieces are settling 
A puzzle finding its groove 
Like an acrobat, suspended in mid-air 
We float on the wings of our lives 
Like the fool, trusting and naïve 
we fly without knowing how we’ll arrive 
In that moment we survive 
and move along 
Be the acrobat, suspended in motion 
Float on the wings of your life 
Be the fool, trusting and naïve 
Fly and you will arrive 
In that moment you’ll survive 
and move along 
Perfect Man (2013)
I don’t want a perfect lover 
who will hold me in the dark 
rays of sunshine in the morning 
brought about by all his charms 
I don’t want that perfect man 
I don’t want that sweet temptation 
Taking me for a ride 
Casts his spell all around me 
Gently takes me by the hand 
I don’t want that perfect man 
But in my dreams 
It ain’t what it seems 
after all.. hmm… 
I don’t want that perfect lover 
whispering softly in my ear 
as he wraps his arms around me 
it’s all becoming clear 
no, I don’t want that perfect man 
One who wants the things that I do 
We all know where that leads 
No, I don’t think so… 
I don’t want that perfect man 
Difference of Opinion (2014) 
You know I'm right 
You know I know you're wrong 
it's a simple truth, can't you see? 
You know it's true, I know you know it's true 
it's the only truth for me 
You want the light to chase away the dark 
Seems the only way to go 
Yet through it all you seek the eye of the storm 
No thought to consequence at all 
I'll do anything 
for that extra piece of cake 
I'll do anything 
for that chance in the sun 
Anything for that difference in opinion  
No talking it out, no compromise 
Anything at all 
You seek that light to brighten your soul 
the only way to go 
I'll do anything  
for that extra piece of cake 
I'll do anything 
for that chance in the sun 
Anything for that difference in opinion 
no talking it out, no compromise 
Anything at all 
no talking it out, no compromise 
it will be our demise 
In the Moment (2014)
Let’s talk, let’s hang 
and if you’re up for it we’ll bang 
Today is good, later or right now 
Every chance we meet, I get cold feet, 
say it just won’t work this way 
But I go for the show, every time 
He’s just that kind of guy 
He’s spontaneous, sporadic, 
and slightly erratic 
Always up for some fun 
He’s affectionate and charming, 
hopelessly disarming, 
Leaving you bruised in the end 
It’s a true conundrum, how to reel it in 
When all I wanna do is fly 
It’s that constantly erratic 
which has got me so ecstatic 
About this in-the-moment kinda guy 
Later in the evening, I weep into my wine 
wishing he could be mine 
Take a chance, a little romance 
Every moment with him, I go out on a limb 
throw all common sense away 
But I go for it every time 
he’s just that kind of guy 
He’s affectionate and charming 
hopelessly disarming 
Leaving you bruised in the end 
over and over again… 
It’s that constantly erratic 
which has got me so ecstatic 
About this in-the-moment kinda guy 
Clouds (2014) 
Every cloud has its silver lining; 
I hear the optimists say. 
When the rain clouds hover above 
it's hard to see the light of day. 
Feeling lost and feeling blue 
believing words that can't be true 
Happy endings? Not for me. 

How could I think that I love you? 
how could I think that you're the one? 
All this time we spent together 
All the moments that we shared 
You never really fit into my plan 

In the night sky, I see a slice of the moon 
and though it’s mostly hidden 
I know that it's still there 
Could I see your love as I see that moon 
I’d never question that you care 
Happy endings? Not for me. 
  What Have I Done (2014) 
What have I done to deserve this 
all this beauty in the world 
What have I done just to hold you 
while my soul becomes undone 
What have I done to feel the hours 
and the minutes passing by 
What have I done to see you smile 
What have I done to catch your smile 
What have I done to seize the moment 
of awareness in your eyes 
How can I know what makes you happy 
through temptation and disguise 
How can I see your warmth and beauty 
shining bright when we’re alone 
What have I done to feel so right 
Why is it that we feel so right 
Captured endlessly and frozen into time 
Behind a life of visions gone 
wanting more than I could ever comprehend 
What have I done to find forever 
in your tender loving arms 
What have I done to catch that smile 
What can I do to keep your smile 
What can I do to stay a while 
Timing (2014) 
Timing is everything, she learns again 
As soon as I think I'm finally free 
It starts all over again 
Teasing me, mocking my fragile emotions 
Is it insensitivity 
Is it Murphy's law 
Either way, I'm in awe 
It's not clear, no not at all 
Does anyone know 
those wondrous doings 
which keep me on my toes 
As long as I recognize  
my mistakes as I make ‘em again 
Whenever I'm out, I'd rather stay in 
just can't seem to begin 
to make up my mind and release my pretenses 
it's all in the mind, leaves me resigned 
too much to worry about 
head and heart are too far apart 
too much room for doubt 
  Sure Do (2013) 
I sure miss you – then I don’t 
I sure want to you – then I don’t 
I sure need you – then I don’t 
Time to talk to – time to wait 
Time to care and time to hate 
Right or wrong – will it wait 
Weak or strong – is it fate 

Making sure – keeping track 
One step forward – one step back 
How to know – to decide 
Stay and fight – or run and hide 
I sure miss you – then I don’t 
I sure want to you – then I don’t 
I sure need you – then I don’t 
I will love you – then I won’t 
50/50 (2013)
An unsettled world, worlds split in two 
at home and everywhere 
The new fashion seems to be 
to shy away from compromise 

All that we can see is black or white 
Forget about the gray 
that comes before dawn 
after the light of the day 
Can we reach a new awakening 
without passing through the dark? 

Is it half empty or is it half full 
Shake the status quo 
How strong the wind blows 
How high the wall 
Depends on what you know 
(what we show) 
We hold on so strongly for that only truth 
In our hearts we can tell 
If we all do the same 
Hang on to our game 

See eye to eye 
It’s not important 
Our battles will tell 
The stronger one always wins 
Perhaps we can live in peace and understanding 
If we share our stage a bit more 
Come Home with Me (2013) 
For a while now I've been wandering 
down a long and dusty road 
For a while it seemed never-ending 
just a hard and heavy load 
But now I'm no longer searching 
for I know that I have found 
found a light glowing softly 
and a warmth all around 
Come home with me 
come share my fire 
Walk with me, see with me 
feed my desire 
Be it light, be it dark 
as long as I know you flow with me 
beside me, body and soul 
And as I talk to the heavens 
to the powers that be 
I want to share this feeling with you 
with you -  with me 
I know that now  
I'm no longer searching 
For I know that I have found 
Me Pareces (2004) 
 Tú me pareces distinto 
No lo puedo entender 
Que me miras con orgullo 
y sin cariño y placer 
Tantas noches busco una seña de razón 
Díme lo que quieres 
Me estás rompiendo el corazón 
Si tú te vas mis labios 
mis manos mis brazos 
Serán vacíos sin pedazo de tí 
Si tú te vas mi alma tendrá que soltar 
mi alegría mi mundo mi bien 
Cuantas veces vuelves por la noche sin hablar 
Cada rato me confundes 
No me puedes explicar 
Juro que te quiero 
Necesito tu calor 
Muero por adentro 
Porque estoy loca por tu amor